Dried Fruits

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Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are fruits from which the majority of the water content has been removed through differentdrying methods, such as sun drying, air drying, or dehydration. The process of drying helps to preserve the fruits, extending their shelf life and concentrating their flavors, sugars, and nutrients. Dried fruits can be enjoyed as snacks on their own, added to cereals, yogurt, or baked goods, and used in various culinary applications.Iran , Turkey , USA , China are top dried fruit supplier in the market.

Dried fruits can provide a concentrated source of natural sugars, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Common Fried Fruits:

Many fresh fruits can be dried to create delicious and portable snacks or ingredients for foods industry such as:

Dried pear , Dried kiwi, Dried peach halves or slices , Dried strawberries , Dried grapes , Dried apricot halves or slices ,  Dried figs, Dried plums , Dried cranberries, Dried mango slices , Dried pineapple chunks , Dried banana slices, Dried apple rings or slices.

Increasing Demand for Dried Fruits:

In recent years many factors have increased the consumption of all types of dried fruits among the people around the world, Many consumers are becoming more health conscious and are seeking nutritious snack options. Dried fruits, being a natural source of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, are perceived as a healthier alternative to some processed snacks.

Dried fruits are convenient and portable, making them a popular on the go snack. Their long shelf life also contributes to their convenience, as they can be stored for an extended period without refrigeration.

With the growing trend of snacking between meals, dried fruits offer a satisfying and flavorful option that made them as a alternative choice than some traditional snack .Dried fruits are versatile and can be used in a variety of culinary applications. They are commonly used in baking, cooking, and as toppings for salads and yogurt, expanding their presence in different cuisines.

Dried fruits are often used as a natural sweetener in recipes and products, catering to consumers who are looking for healthier alternatives to sugars.

The food industry has alwayes responded to consumer demand by introducing innovative products that use dried fruits, such as trail mixes, energy bars, and granola.

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