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Cashew is one of popular nuts and  delicious and nutritious snack.This useful nuts today has a important role in various culinary a creations in food industry.The cashew tree  or Anacardium occidentale is native to northeastern Brazil but has spread its roots across tropical regions around the world. the cashew nut is dangeling at the bottom of the cashew fruit. Top producer and supplier of Cashew is Vietnam.India , Nigeria, Brazil, and Tanzania are other Top cashew producers.

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Cashews have proven to be much more than a simple nut. Rather than its delicious dish, cashews provide a unique combination of flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits that make them a valuable addition to any kitchen.


Cashew kernels are sorted into white or scorched wholes, pieces, splits, butts.
It is said  33 grades of cashew kernels has been verified but just 26 grades are available on the market:

Grade  W-180
Grade W-210
Grade W-240
Grade W-320 or Regular
Grade W-450

Scorched Cashew :

Another type of cashew kernels. They are brownish color because they are more roasted.

Butts , Splits  and pieces Cashew:

Low cost and are great for cooking, making sweets, and making savory snacks.

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Cashew uses:

Snacking and Baking

Cashew Butter

Dairy Alternatives

Plant Based Creams and Sauces

Vegan Desserts

Asian Cuisine

Trail Mixes and Granola Bars


Thai and Indian Cuisine

Protein and Energy Bars