Dried Apricot

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Dried Apricot

An apricot is a small, round or oval shaped fruit that belongs to the genus Prunus, which also includes peaches, plums, cherries, and almonds. The scientific name for the apricot tree is Prunus armeniaca. The fruit has a smooth, velvety skin that can range in color from yellow to orange, and it has a single large seed or pit in the center.


Apricot producers provide fresh apricots to the fruits market, but part of this product is converted to  dry apricots ,and the process of drying helps enhance the preservation, extended storage and Transport of the product , concentration of its flavor , versatility in culinary applications , all seasonal availability of it , increase export opportunities and reducing of the product waste.


There are several types of dried apricots in the market, and they can vary in terms of flavor, texture, and drying processing methods.

Sun dried Apricots

Sulfured dried Apricots

Organic dried Apricots

Unsulfured dried Apricots

Halved or Diced Apricots





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