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KERNELO Co  founded several years ago as a limited liability company in Food Industry. We are  registered as a company and trademark in Canada  and a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Iran as an Supplier , exporter and Wholesaler of wide range of food products such as Beans , Dates , Pistachio , Almond, Saffron , Tea , Raisin , and other nuts and dried fruits. We have offices in Vancouver , Tehran and Istanbul.

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All Types of Dates

Iran, as one of the Top producers of dates in the world, having diverse climate and fertile soil, produces several kinds of dates and exports them to international markets and traditional bazaar.

The taste of Iranian dates is famous in the world. Dates such as Mazafati (Kimia), Piarom (Maryami), Zahedi (Qasab), Medjool, Estameran (Sayer), Kabkab, Kaloteh, Barimi, Khassui, Shahani and dozens of other types.

Competitive price, packaging, product quality and customer service are the our mission in DATES BAZAAR.

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Chopped Date is a new product with many edible capabilities of dates in different types is produced and packaged in Kernelo Group. Various types of diced dates with different flavors and with capabilities as snacks and additives in the food industry in the market. Chopped and pitted dates has a  reasonable prices in Dates bazaar.

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