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Almond  is a type of dried fruit that is said to be native to Iran and Central Asia. Almond fruit has a hard skin whose core becomes somewhat firm and edible after ripening.Almond kernels are one of the most popular nuts in the world. It is very common to eat it raw and roasted. Every year, in the early summer and after the harvest, the market for buying and selling almonds flourishes.USA is top almond producer and supplier in the world.

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Almonds are one of the rare nuts that its kernel can be found in both sweet and bitter. Although Both types of kernels can be used.The use of almond oil in creams and skin medications is one of the cases that also can be mentioned.Another feature of almonds is the stunning beauty of almond blossoms and orchards in the spring.

benefits of almond:

Regular consumption of almonds results in lowers cholesterol

Almonds prevent a variety of cancers.

Almonds help protect against diabetes

The use of almond kernels in the daily diet helps to refresh and care for the skin(vitamin E)

Eating almond kernels helps strengthen bones and teeth.

Almond consumption increases brain power.

There are different types of almonds in the world that are priced based on their quality, size, oil and color in the market. For example, Mamra almond kernel is the most expensive in almond bazaar.

Types of almond:

There are two main types of almonds

Sweet almonds


California : BENNETT-HICKMAN , FRITZ , Carmel , Aldrich , Mission , Butte , Nonpareil , INDEPENDENCE , Monterey , Price , Padre , Sonora , wood Colony



Bitter almonds

Paper shell almonds

Dwarf almonds

Double kernel almonds

Sangi Almonds

Top Almond Producers:

United States




Syrian Arab Republic






Almond Products:

Whole almond

Blanched almond

Slices or Blanched almond

Halves or  Blanched almond

Diced or Chopped almond

Almond Flour

Almond Milk

Almond Oil

Almond Paste and Butter

Green Almonds

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