Dried Herbs

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Dried Herbs

Humans in all parts of the world have given special importance to the production and use of vegetables in their diet , During years they have consumed them both fresh and dried. Cultivation of vegetables requires special conditions according to the climate of each region, and various types of vegetables  and herbs have been famous and widely consumed in each region of the world. The purchase of bulk dried vegetables has given a special boost to the cultivation of herbs and vegetables and the market of these products. India , China , Egypt and Iran are some of top dried herbs supplier.

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Due to the preservation and availability of all kinds of vegetables in all seasons, humans adopted the method of drying them. At first, drying methods were used under sunlight and even in the shade, and with the advancement of science and the invention of devices, new methods for drying vegetables were created.

Despite the new methods, traditional methods of drying vegetables are still common in villages and even in homes. Nowadays, with the growth of urbanization and the employment of women outside the home, preparing and consuming fresh vegetables is a bit difficult and most people have turned to buying packaged dried vegetables.

Also, restaurants and canteens use dried vegetables to flavor food. It is worth mentioning that some vegetables have more uses and consumption and are more in demand in the market for buying and selling.

Dried Herbs Uses:

Dried herbs play a crucial role in seasoning, enhancing flavor, and adding depth to a wide variety of dishes, making them a staple in kitchens in different culture and countries. Most common usages of dried herbs are:


Enhancing Flavor


Convenience and available


Substitution for Fresh Herbs


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Types of Dried Herbs:

Usuall any herb has possibility to be dried either with new indeustrial technologies or traditional methodes, but common dried herbs are:

Dried Basil , Dried Oregano , Dried Thyme , Dried Rosemary , Parsley , Cilantro or Coriander , Dried Mint , Sage , Dried Dill , Bay Leaves , Chives , dried Tarragon , Marjoram , Lavender , dried Fennel , Lemongrass , Cinnamon , Nutmeg
Cloves , Ginger , Turmeric , Chervil , Coriander Seeds , Curry Leaves , Allspice ,
Cardamom , dried Fenugreek , Mustard Seeds , Paprika , Saffron , Star Anise , Sumac , Vanilla , Bay Leaf , Caraway , Celery Seed ,Cumin , Garlic Powder ,Onion Powder , Red Pepper Flakes.

Top Dried herbs suppliers:

Each of producer country are leading in one or some of specific herbs,

China : parsley, cilantro and mint.

Turkey : oregano, thyme and rosemary.

Egypt : parsley, basil, and dill

India : cilantro, mint, and fenugreek

Iran : parsley, mint, and coriander

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United States : parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

Spain : rosemary, thyme, and oregano

Italy : basil, oregano, and sage

Morocco : parsley, cilantro, and mint

Greece : oregano, thyme, and rosemary



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